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Demera Ethiopian

Deliciousness jumping into the mouth.
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Tradition served daily.

Chicagoland’s favorite authentic Ethiopian cuisine and dinner. You can enjoy classics like Doro Wat, lemon-marinated chicken stewed in berbere sauce and served with onions, garlic, ginger and wine. At Demera Ethiopian Restaurant we serve traditional Ethiopian cuisine using only the freshest, high quality, and authentic ingredients. Chef Tigist is passionate about bringing delicious, authentic Ethiopian cuisine to Chicago. Demera also roasts its own Ethiopian coffee beans and pizzas.

Chicago isn’t a hotbed of Ethiopian food, but this Uptown gem stands out with any you’ll find across the country. Eat with your hands and sop up spicy Ethiopian sauces and tender doro wat and vegetables in a low-key table-service atmosphere where you’ll find ownership roaming the dining room most nights. And they roast their own coffee, too.

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